January is always the month that gets us thinking about finally getting organized. Even the most put together people
have a room or closet they avoid. The average 3 bedroom household has over 300,000 items in it. Do we need all of it? Do we use all of it? Nevermind the time it takes to manage (move from room to room if you are not sure where to store a lot of the unnecessary objects) and clean all the items. Studies over the years have shown sociological and psychological reasons why we have so much stuff. We suggest we combat those urges to have more stuff and offer you some benefits to organizing and having less.
Best reason is to save Money. Having less and knowing where the items you need are located, saves you from going out to purchase duplicates. Many people are renting storage lockers because their current living situation does not accommodate all their “stuff”.
You will also have more usable space. Think of that room in your basement packed full of boxes. Could it serve another purpose? Perhaps a hobby room, or a much needed Man-cave.
With less to clean you have more time. Once you remove the clutter and organize the essential and most wanted items, you will have less to clean.
It may seem overwhelming in the beginning. What do I do with the items I am getting rid of? What can I donate? Whom will they benefit the most?
And if you are ready, and want some help or guidance, call us. We have many ways to make organizing easy!

Call 905-933-0730 today and begin your journey to being more organized while saving money and time.