Whether or not you`re downsizing, moving is a great time to go through your many possessions and decided if they should be following you to your new home.  Here are some tricks and tips we use when helping our clients sort.

  1. Start in the least used room. Here is where you will find the things you need the least.  Usually, items in this room will be easy to dispose of if they are not useful.  Once you get going in this area, you will find at purging feels pretty good.
  2. Make piles for what to keep and pack, what to gift, what to sell, what to donate and last of all, what should head for the landfill. Many people are not comfortable donating their old towels and blankets to charities, however, your local Humane Society would be very happy to use those items for their animals.  Be sure to take any unused medication to a pharmacy and donate old eye glasses to the Lyons Club. Many charities are happy to take any household utensils, and/or furniture which may help someone less fortunate start in a new place of their own.
  3. Go through your clothes. Clothes and kitchens are the most time consuming. If it doesn’t fit, if you don’t love or need it, let it have a new home.  Be strict with yourself or you will just be moving more than you need.
  4. In the Kitchen, donate duplicates or triplicates. Consider how often you use an item, perhaps it may be better to store it outside of the kitchen if you really need to keep that special piece.
  5. Keep important paperwork all together and take what is outdated or unnecessary to be shredded.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Getting past the emotional attachment to items can be quite freeing.  Get in a cleaning/clearing mood that will result in happiness.  Don’t want to go it alone? You would be surprized how quickly our crew can help you reach your sorting goals.  Feel free to call us for an estimate today!