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Downsize Your Home – Senior Living

Use these methods to declutter and pare down before moving into a new home. Downsizing before a move can be equally liberating and overwhelming. But for seniors who have amassed many possessions over the years, it can be an especially…


Down-sizing boomers hire full service mover to ease transition

A lifetime of photos . . . 75 albums in all, Irene Krestell recalls in disbelief. Culling the collection was her biggest task by far when she and husband, Morty, moved to an apartment from their family home of 31…


Boomers spark new careers for ‘downsizing consultants’

When Rod Thorpe and his wife, both seniors, faced moving from their 4,600-square-foot house into a small apartment a year ago, they turned to a professional downsizer…. Read the full article


A Moving Concern: Transitional Trauma

“They moved 15 years too late,” says Christina Steinorth, who three weeks ago helped her aging parents move out the home in which they’d lived for 37 years. Despite her specialty in counseling seniors and children of aging parents, Steinorth,…


New companies help unload the stress of moving the elderly

USA Today featured a terrific photo essay on what a senior move actually looks like: View the gallery here!