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Feeling Overhelmed?

Want or need to move… but feeling overhelmed? Do your parents need to move…. But you are feeling overhelmed? For thousands of people, moving to smaller or even larger quarters is “out there,” —- some time in the future. “I’m…


Hello New Year! Feeling the urge to get Organized?

January is always the month that gets us thinking about finally getting organized. Even the most put together people have a room or closet they avoid. The average 3 bedroom household has over 300,000 items in it. Do we need…


Having a hard time Downsizing or Decluttering?

These 10 questions should help you Downsize or Declutter: 1. Do I use this regularly? 2. If not, is it something I love? 3. Am I keeping it out of obligation or expectation? 4. Am I holding on to this…


Tips for Moving – Time to Sort!

Whether or not you`re downsizing, moving is a great time to go through your many possessions and decided if they should be following you to your new home.  Here are some tricks and tips we use when helping our clients…


Tips for Moving – The 1st step, hiring a Moving Company; The Estimate

Who will you trust with your life’s possessions? What is this going to cost? What will they do? All of these questions run through your head when it is time to move. The first thing you need to do is…


Seniors on the Move: not just any moving company.

Typically when you call a mover, you pack, and they pick up, and deliver your possessions. On occasion they may even offer a packing service. But in the world of an older adult this may not be enough to get…


Tidy up for Thanksgiving!

Life gets busy and situations take priority over everyday chores. All of a sudden you realize that you need to reclaim your space back from the drop zone. Thanksgiving is around the corner and you need your dining room back,…


Downsize Your Home – Senior Living

Use these methods to declutter and pare down before moving into a new home. Downsizing before a move can be equally liberating and overwhelming. But for seniors who have amassed many possessions over the years, it can be an especially…


Down-sizing boomers hire full service mover to ease transition

A lifetime of photos . . . 75 albums in all, Irene Krestell recalls in disbelief. Culling the collection was her biggest task by far when she and husband, Morty, moved to an apartment from their family home of 31…


New companies help unload the stress of moving the elderly

USA Today featured a terrific photo essay on what a senior move actually looks like: View the gallery here!

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